TikTok: Key Features and Tips

Nowadays all social networks are full of funny and interesting TikTok videos. There are reasons for this: it all happens thanks to the extensive functions of the app and its features. And for those just starting their way in exploring this product, it will be interesting to learn, how to do the new trend on Tik Tok, or how to boost your Tik Tok fans.


  • A bit of history
  • Opportunities of TikTok
  • Promotional tips

A bit of history

The app appeared in 2016 in China, thanks to the company ByteDance. In fact, it was originally called Douyin, and was popular only in China. A bit later, when the program started gaining its momentum, there appeared serious investors, who made it possible to promote the network all over the world after changing its name to TikTok and combining it with another well-known app called Musical.ly. According to the data for 2018, TikTok is on the fourth place for downloads in online app stores, and every second user would like to know, how to get 100 Tik Tok fans.

Opportunities of TikTok

The app interface is very similar to Instagram. There are five buttons at the bottom:

  • “Home” – access to the news feed and posts of your follows
  • “Interesting” – recommendations and trending posts
  • “Create your own video”
  • “Notifications”
  • “User page”

When creating a video, the following options are available:

  • editing
  • a big library of free music
  • masks and emojis
  • special effects
  • color filters

Either a ready-made video from the phone or the one shot directly in the app could be used.

Promotional tips

At the very beginning, TikTok contained only short videos where the users performed some movements to the famous songs, or were singing along, but now the content of the app looks much more diverse and attracts more active users and attention.

If you are just getting acquainted to TikTok and dream of popularity there, it will be useful to learn a few tips on how to achieve success:

  • All-SMM service

This is a paid service offering professional help with the promotion in social networks. With its help you can attract many new followers and gain many likes at your account. Buying such services is a good investment for anyone who is going to make money on their account.

  • Follows and mutual likes

Start following more users, put likes and write comments underneath other people’s posts. There is a chance that those users will respond with the same in return.

  • Advertising in other social networks

Tell about your page and your new hobby in your other social network accounts, for example, in VK, Instagram, or Twitter. This way, you will draw your friends’ attention to your TikTok page and get sincerely interested followers.

With every second TikTok is gaining more and more popularity, so the chance of earning money with its help is becoming more realistic. Anyone interested in such a promise should not lose the chance and register there now.