Why Reels on YouTube are Needed and How to Make Them

Not so long ago, a new instrument called “Reels” appeared on YouTube. In other words, it is an analogue of the beloved Instagram Stories, but with their own twist. Bloggers immediately picked up a new trend and began to actively use it on their channels. So, let’s see why we need Reels and how to make them or how to make a good YouTube video.


  • What are “Reels” on YouTube and why are they needed?
  • Publishing a Reel
  • Viewing statistics

What are “Reels” on YouTube and why are they needed?

Basically, “Reels” are the same Instagram Stories, but on YouTube. They remain open for viewing for more than 1 day (week), and then get deleted. The duration of a Reel is no more than 15 seconds, and everyone can view the mini-stories. There is no payment for viewing Reels, so no need to think how much does YouTube pay per 1000 views.

There are several purposes of the Reels:

  • Telling about the event that happened to you;
  • Before releasing a good video on YouTube, announcing it in order to attract more people to watch it;
  • Warning that the video will not be released in time;
  • Replying to the subscribers’ comments;
  • Discussing a popular topic.

You can shoot stories on YouTube only from a mobile device. The material appears in the “Reels” section. While watching, it is possible to immediately subscribe to a blogger channel, and not watched Reels are highlighted with a red frame.

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Publishing a Reel

At the moment, not everyone can make a Reel. For the function to become available, there must be more than 10 thousand subscribers on the channel. Perhaps in the future, these restrictions will be removed, but so far the younger blogs do not have access to the Reels. If the account is suitable, then you must do the following:

1. Go to the mobile application and tap the camera icon with a plus in the upper right corner.

2. A pop-up window will appear below, where you need to select the “Reels” function.

3. To shoot a short video, just hold the shooting button until you are done. The photo is made by simple tapping the same button. Also, before shooting, you can choose which camera to shoot with: the front one or the main one. It is also possible to simply upload materials from the gallery.

4. Next, the material can be edited: place stickers, add music, scale the picture, apply various filters, etc. The loading time of the Reel can reach 2 minutes, as the service is still at the testing stage.

You can view your Reel by tapping the profile picture at the top of the page.

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Viewing statistics

It is also possible to see the number of views and comments on a particular video. To do this, select the desired Reel and in the viewing mode pay attention to the lower left corner – all necessary data is displayed there.

You can respond to the comments only in the Story by tapping on the corresponding icon and selecting the item “Answer in the Reel” there. A video or photo can be attached to the answer.

Innovations from YouTube have pleased many bloggers, because not all of their subscribers follow them in other social networks. Well, judging objectively, YouTube just wants to create a decent competition for Instagram.