Purpose of YouTube and Its Benefits

The multilingual site, which began its work in 2005, has a monthly total of nearly 2 billion active users on its resource. More than 1 billion entertainment and educational content has now been posted, because everyone wants to become popular and attract a huge audience. But along with its popularity, profits are growing, so many people earn decent money on the worldwide famous portal.


  • Purpose of YouTube;
  • Uploading videos;
  • Additional features;
  • How to make money on YouTube;
  • Affiliate program and advertising;
  • Donations

Purpose of YouTube

A popular video hosting site was created for uploading and viewing various content. A YouTuber always strives to improve the quality of their videos in order to get into trends and gain more views on YouTube.

Thanks to YouTube, a person shares their life and emotions. The simplicity of posting videos allows anyone to feel like a professional screenwriter without having special skills.

Popularity strongly depends on subscribers and likes on YouTube. Therefore, on many popular channels you can notice a million people and a lot of likes under the videos.

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Uploading videos

In order to upload your own creative video to YouTube, you need to register using your email address.

YouTube will provide the user with a specific package of services:
• video import;
• live broadcasts;
• slide show;
• video editor.

After the video is uploaded, it remains to edit the name of the video, the description and other parameters.

The live broadcasts allow to turn on stream, where all events will happen in real time. Also, with the broadcast turned on, a YouTuber can communicate with their subscribers.

Additional video editor is needed for editing. It allows to create cool videos on YouTube, adding various effects.

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Additional features

For 15 years, the video hosting site has been updated many times. The main task is to give the most convenient use of YouTube in both mobile and computer versions.

Unlike social networks, this site has its own playlists, where you can save your favorite videos. In the “Library” section there are tabs “View later” or “History” necessary to quickly find the desired video.

In order not to miss new videos from your favorite channel, viewers can subscribe and tap the bell. Then all the information will arrive as a notification on the phone.

How to make money on YouTube

On the leading multilingual site you can not only share personal content, but also make money. In the 21st century, more people believe in the possibility of earning money on the Internet, and YouTube is considered the most reliable and simple method.

Many channels want to see their videos in trends in order to gain popularity and attract many people to their product. But due to the large number of competitors, it is rather difficult to stand out against the general background and make a special impression.

In order to gain momentum quickly, the user is advised to seek help from the third-party paid resources. For example, the well-proven ALL-SMM service provides services for cheating subscribers, likes and views in various social networks. The customer can personally watch how the number of subscribers and likes is growing.

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Affiliate program and advertising

The affiliate program allows to earn decent money when the channel is included into the monetization program. The payment is made for advertising another product. In the process, this YouTuber not only earns, but also becomes more popular due to the mentioning famous names.

Also, the user can make a profit from advertising on Google Adsense. This is a message that pops up at the bottom of the video while browsing. This method is suitable for both popular and less well-known channels.

If desired, the user may not cooperate with the advertising company and not run links in Google Adsense. If the viewer clicks the advertisement on the channel page, YouTube will pay for the views. But this is not a significant income, because for 1000 visits only $2 are paid in the CIS countries.

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When the channel launches stream, it motivates subscribers to donate. This method is suitable for the more well-known YouTubers.

Stream can be run for specific events, for example, a review of the iPhone. Sometimes streamers launch live streaming to chat with their subscribers.


YouTube allows to upload videos and gain popularity on it. Also for the decent earnings channel should enter the monetization program.