A Million on the YouTube Channel. Could It Be Real?

At the moment, YouTube is the most popular media platform. Every minute hundreds of hours of video are uploaded to the video hosting. Every day, millions of people watch videos, comment on them and put likes. But YouTube was originally designed of as a video dating site.


  • Earnings on YouTube
  • Monetization
  • The benefits of making money on YouTube
  • Free promotion
  • Effective promotion methods
  • Hitting the trends

Earnings on YouTube

Today, YouTube is not just a platform for watching videos, but also a great way to earn money, being already used by many YouTube channel owners. Would you like to know, how much YouTube pays for views? It is impossible to answer for sure, since it depends on the subject of the video and the advertisements shown. But approximately it goes from 40 to 300 rubles for every thousand of views.


You can start making money on your videos after passing the mandatory threshold of 4,000 views and having over a thousand subscribers on your channel. After that you can connect to one of the media networks. We can highlight YouPartnerWSP and Machinima which is in higher demand. As for the first one, you only need to pass the threshold for monetization, have only author’s content and more than 5 videos on the channel. As for the second company, you need to be of age, pass the threshold of +300 thousand views and have at least 3 thousand subscribers on the channel.

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Benefits of making money on YouTube

Our favorite video hosting has a number of advantages that allow anyone to start making money on their videos. The main thing for many people is that it is free, you can simply register and start uploading your videos. YouTube’s audience is huge, there are millions of people online watching a large number of videos all the time. During the day, billions of videos are being viewed. But how to make your channel popular and profitable? Now we will discuss it in detail.

Free promotion

Many channel owners prefer to spend a couple of months using only free promotion methods. These methods include the use of key queries. They are placed in the title, in the name of the video, and in the description of the video. The second way is to use hashtags under the video.

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Effective promotion methods

Effective methods include paid promotion methods. They are more effective due to high efficiency and speed of work. The first way is to buy ads from another popular channel on your topic. The second effective way is to buy YouTube views and subscribers. This will ensure that your channel passes the monetization bar and the influx of new subscribers. ALL-SMM handles this task best of all. Received likes and views in proper quantity will help to hit the YouTube trends.

Hitting the trends

Hitting the trends allows to increase the popularity of your videos dozens of times. Having a video in trends can bring thousands of new subscribers and hundreds of thousands of views.

Earning on YouTube channel can be decent, popular video bloggers earn millions of dollars per year. The average channels are quite capable of bringing a couple of average Russian salaries per month. That will allow to make your first million on YouTube video hosting in a year of work.