Likes to Posts as a Way to Promote your Instagram Account

Today Instagram is considered to be one of the most popular social networks. Millions of users worldwide are registered here. Instagram offers great opportunities for doing business – selling goods or any type of services. A large number of followers and activity under the posts in your account provide a chance to earn good money online.


1. What does the activity on the Instagram page mean?
2. The advantages of a ‘live’ account
3. How to increase activity on your own?
4. The most effective method of promotion
5. Conclusion

What does the activity on the Instagram page mean?

The Instagram social network values ​​not only the accounts with a lot of followers, but also active pages. That is, profiles in which new publications are posted regularly, and followers respond to posts.

The reaction to the feed update can be in the form of likes, comments, viewing stories, videos or live streaming. In order to ‘revive’ the page, many bloggers publish photos at a time when followers are most active – for example, when they check morning news.

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The advantages of a ‘live’ account

Why is it so important? The popularity of the page is achieved by increasing followers, but if they are not active, the account is not credible. An account followed by many people, but without reaction to posts causes suspicion.

If this is a business account with such characteristics, then hardly anyone would want to order a product or service there. Same about the personal pages – this means that the content is not interesting, does not cling to users. Such accounts will not be able to generate revenue, because it is so important to track activity and increase it.

The modern policy of the social network administration is that the first in the news feed are photos with a large number of likes. If posts do not fit a certain level, they may not be shown to followers at all. This will have a negative impact on business and, accordingly, on income.

How to increase activity on your own?

Getting to the top pages, we’d like to ask their owners: how do you get more likes on Instagram? In fact, it is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. First, many users post their publications exclusively at the time when followers are most active, that is, they are viewing the feed. This is achieved through trial posts added at different time and tracking reactions to them. This method takes a lot of time and effort, and, unfortunately, does not always bring the desired result.

Secondly, you can ask your friends and acquaintances to regularly comment and like the posts. But this is unlikely to bring effect, because the activity will not increase.

The most effective method of promotion

There is another method that is considered fast and effective – an artificial increase. You can get more likes on Instagram with the help of services specializing in it. For a certain fee, the specialists of such portals will add ‘hearts’ under the photos that you have chosen. Such actions are absolutely safe, and the result is achieved in a short time. Investing money in this direction is guaranteed to pay off in the monetization of the account.

Here it is especially important to refer to proven services that have a good feedback from customers. One can find a company specializing in professional cheating by recommendations or at forums.

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Such social networks as Instagram help users not only share photos with friends, but also buy goods, order services. If you want to start your business, Instagram is a great platform for this. Do not forget about the number of followers and activity under the photos. Today there is no need to spend your effort on it, as you can promote your account using special services safely and efficiently.