Launch of a YouTube Channel: Development and Promotion

YouTube account today is already being considered an integral attribute of a popular blogger, site, company or brand. How to develop your video channel and succeed on YouTube? How to make a video on YouTube and what video camera for YouTube is needed? Recommendations for the promotion and quality of the channel will help the user to succeed.


  • Channel creation
  • Choice of a thematic niche
  • Ideas
  • Shooting videos
  • Shooting and editing
  • Live
  • Video series
  • Channel promotion
  • Invitation to subscribe
  • Specialized services

Channel creation

First of all, the user registers their account on the YouTube portal – data can be imported from Google or a new account can be created. It is important to design a cover with a high-quality picture and fill in the content on the title page. It is necessary to indicate the links to the sites and social networks, contact information so that subscribers and advertisers could contact you.

Choice of a thematic niche

Video content is a convenient format that attracts users’ attention and facilitates the perception of information. The higher is the channel’s rating, the more profitable and attractive it is for the advertisers. This is a source of income, popularity for the authors of podcasts.

At the very beginning, you should clearly define the theme of the channel. Do not get distracted and speak about everything at once. Even within a single niche, there can be many hidden sub-topics, for which you can shoot a lot of different videos.

It is important that the videos are useful and informative for your target audience. Nothing more, otherwise the public will get tired of meaningless videos. Each podcast should solve a specific problem or provide very beneficial information for people.

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In the script, full information on the issue should be disclosed, without reserve, to the maximum. Otherwise, users will be forced to seek answers and go to other channels.

The very idea of ​​the video should not copy other people’s work, it is better to take the original idea and develop it to avoid accusations of plagiarism. Moreover, the uniqueness attracts people more than discussing the same annoying scandal or banal information.

There is a difference between blogging and vlogging. A video blog always has a script, a specific topic (politics, society, literature). Vlog is the personal diary of the author, with anything in there – from tasting dishes in a restaurant to impressions from watching a movie.

Shooting videos

How to make a video on YouTube? There are millions of podcasts on the resource, it is important to think about the quality and content in order to stand out from the crowd and earn a large number of views.

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Shooting and editing

First, you need the raw materials for the video – digital videos or photos. Next, the audio is selected, because a good soundtrack is very important – it should match the mood, theme and style of the channel. The video can be accompanied by interesting and funny text remarks, inserts – they add to the mood a lot. It is important to keep the video in MP4 format in the best quality.

Even a newbie can format a movie. Today there is a large selection of special programs that facilitate the processing and editing of the video. To create a podcast, you can use your own and other people’s photos, make inserts from movies, superimpose music and text, add effects. The interface is so simple that even a kid will not get confused. The preview will help identify shortcomings, improve the result and make edits.

It is important to take into account that the quality of shooting is also determined by the quality of the equipment. As the channel develops and the profitability increases, it is worth buying a more expensive video camera for YouTube, so that the level of the videos is decent, and the graphics does not cause any complaints.


Live filming is an opportunity to have a lively dialogue with the subscribers, answer questions in a chat, and establish closer contact with people. However, it’s worth watching live broadcasts after the channel promotion, when a more or less reliable and large-scale audience of hundreds of people is formed. Also, information about the future live broadcasting should be advertised in advance – subscribers should know the date and time of the meeting on YouTube.

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Video series

An interesting format is the publication of “series” videos that are thematically and meaningfully connected to each other. The call: “Subscribe and find out the continuation in the next issue” is very intriguing and encourages people to go back to the channel, helps to form the backbone of subscribers.

Channel promotion

For the large-scale promotion of the channel, it is worth referring to the capabilities of services specializing on cheating likes and views in the social networks. It is also important to actively encourage subscriptions.

Invitation to subscribe

First of all, every podcast should be linked to the channel itself and call for a subscription. The fact is that there appear links to the similar videos next to the viewing window and users check them out of curiosity. To prevent this from happening, it is important to lure people and invite them to watch your channel, create good conditions for this.

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Specialized services

For example, the ALL-SMM service provides a full set of features to enhance the position of a channel in ratings. These are reasonable investments that pay off in a fairly short time, the service prices are quite affordable. Starting the development of your channel from zero, you should immediately analyze the audience, categories of subscribers, in order to work purposefully to expand the audience.

Use all the opportunities to promote your channel on YouTube and earn money and popularity! This is a modern and convenient way of earning, a huge field for creativity and professional development.