Hollywood on Your Own: How to Make a Good YouTube Video

No one watches nonsense. The “junk” channels are also not successful – it’s hard to say what they are about: the author is too scattered, not knowing how to attract an audience. They drag anything to the video in the hope to interest someone. It is a losing strategy. How to get more views on YouTube without scaring viewers off with your first videos?


  • What to show
  • Choosing a subject
  • Do you need a script?
  • How to show it
  • Think over entourage
  • Look for your style
  • Remember about the audience

What to show

Choosing a subject

Decide what the channel will be about. The most popular topics that attract the audience:

  • entertainment (a broad concept: you can shoot humorous videos, pranks, videos with funny animals, collections of interesting facts – all that people watch is “for the good moods”);
  • news (finding interesting information and discussing it);
  • reviews (films, programs, videos, music albums, books, goods);
  • interviews (with interesting media personalities – of course, if you have the opportunity to meet them);
  • games (passing difficult moments in games, review of new products);
  • business (recently one of the most popular topics. Do you develop your own business? Do you conduct business trainings? The channel can soar.);
  • educational videos (these are serious educational videos, and videos with life-hacks (how to do something correctly);
  • travels;
  • sport, fitness, health;
  • narrow-profile areas – cars, cooking, hand-made. Any of your hobbies could be a great material for videos. Or not to be;
  • lifestyle (life stories) is a very dangerous topic. It seems to each of us that our life is unique and deserves attention. But it could happen that people will just see a weird guy and doubt if they really would like to see how he meets his mother-in-law’s at the railway station… In other words, lifestyle requires an extremely responsible and thoughtful approach to the content.

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Do you need a script?

Few people know how to say “as if written”. Let’s be honest: the majority of people have porridge in their mouths, and they can’t bluntly improvise on the subject. But would you like to convey the meaning of your video to the audience? This means that anything that sounds should sound clearly and consistently. Are you sure, you will be able to pronounce the desired text this way? If not, write the script and stick to it.

A separate topic is jokes. Here is the same situation – there are a few really witty people who are able to give out something killer-funny on the move. Before joking in front of the channel audience, check on your friends if the joke is really funny. Stupid, flat, vulgar “self-prank jokes” are a sure way to ditch your reputation or even turn yourself into a meme. Do you really want it?

How to show it

The video with the most ingenious content will not be successful if people see something dull in it, an untidy background or being shot by a shaking camera. Bad shooting is just unpleasant to watch – there is a feeling that their creator does not respect the target audience. But the high-quality shooting is not just enough.

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Think over entourage

Everything you have in the frame should look good. Take a life hack, work or creative process – show it in the way that the audience do not have to guess what you are doing and what you are holding in your hands. Overview: do not broadcast, sitting on an unmade bed, against the background of spattered wallpaper. Interview: find a good perspective, so that the interlocutor looks advantageous.

Nothing superfluous, and anything that gets into the frame should look beautiful.

Look for your style

Watch trends, videos on similar subjects for inspiration and find your own, individual way of presenting material. Recognizable background, music, kind of a great greeting phrase – your image as a video blogger should be recognizable and memorable.

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Remember about the audience

A video blogger who does not communicate with the target audience looks like a man who admires himself in a mirror. Do not become a narcissist! Communicate with the audience, ask their opinion about the content, take into account their wishes, ask to vote for the new topics for videos and leave comments.

Well, is the cool video ready? It is high time to promote it. To begin with, in order not to stay without any likes and views, like thousands of beginner video bloggers, you can use a special service, for example ALL-SMM, and buy some views and likes. But remember: if you are not seriously engaged into promotion, the video will not promote itself!